Non-Daw: Midi hardware control for non-mixer, non-sequencer

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Non-Daw: Midi hardware control for non-mixer, non-sequencer

Postby studio32 » Fri Jan 31, 2020 2:16 pm

Non-Daw: non-timeline, non-mixer, non-sequencer, non-session-manager

To control non-mixer with your hardware controller, you've to use the non-midi-mapper (included with non). Just connect your hardware controller to input of non-midi-mapper in Patchage/Qjackctl/CarlaPatchbay

You can bind plugin parameters as control. F9 and F10 for midi learn.

Non-sequencer has a jack midi control input port. For non-sequencer you can use channel 0 (of 15), or 1 (of 16), 20CC to trigger the patterns. (on: 0, off: 0, toggle, on:1, off:1, toggle etc for nanokontrol etc.). So 128 trigger possibilities.


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