from A complete guide of and debunking of audio on Linux, ALSA and Pulse

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Re: from A complete guide of and debunking of audio on Linux, ALSA and Pulse

Postby Fmajor7add9 » Thu Aug 29, 2019 11:12 pm

ufug wrote:Ogg tangent: Discovering Rockbox and realizing I could "fix" the many limitations of the iPod is how I came to Linux in 2005. Putting the Rockbox firmware on the Pod instantly made it 10x more powerful. It could be themed, play games, play more file formats, and be managed like any mounted drive without being forced to use iTunes. It took about two days of using Rockbox before I looked sideways at my Mac and wondered if I could also "fix" that with something better than OSX...

I'm not anti-mp3, but I do have about a decade's worth of CDs ripped to ogg. Works for me. Ogg plays on Android and my three or four cheapo "mp3" players that have piled up over the years with no problem--I've never encountered a no-play scenario except for sharing with macwin people, and even they can play it with VLC (something mp3-sharing people are likely to have anyway). One of the reasons I love Bandcamp is because they offer high quality ogg downloads as an option. These days I tend to rip to FLAC since storage is cheap and I rip way less than I used to.

Anyway. The Reddit post is a good draft but it needs some repair, starting with the grammatically challenged title and incorporating some of the feedback in the thread. Hope _Spell_ will continue improving it as they have put a lot of work into it and it has the potential be a very helpful document for new arrivals!

I never figured Rockbox out so it remained a distant discovery even though I did get a thrashed iPod for a 5er from someone but never a new disk for it...

VLC came up in a tech podcast recently, they spoke with one of the founders, IIRC they were some kids at uni in France who just couldn't get quick enough gaming or party audio on the campus network :) Hack away then. Two posts ago I checked and found it in the strange desert that is the Microsoft Store for Windows Mobile and it booted and played oggs straight away in a very nice interface. Glad it made me. (Wonder what happened to Winamp though..).

I'll drop _Spell_ a line mentioning their inspiration for all tangents combined above and maybe beyond. There's 400+ comment on the thread already and a crosspost to /r/linuxaudio also (which I didn't know existed).

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