New guy here and already struggling with Jack!

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Re: New guy here and already struggling with Jack!

Postby Jack Winter » Sun Apr 14, 2019 6:24 pm

Well in my defense I'll quote from the OP :)

rva1945 wrote:I want to install it in a dual boot system, I can't get rid of W7, one of the reasons being Guitar Rig installed in it.

My intention was to give a heads up that he can possibly ditch W7 entirely if it is only GR holding him back..
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Re: New guy here and already struggling with Jack!

Postby AlexTheBassist » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:25 am

tramp wrote:Oh, that is exactly what you saying.

Ah new user steps in, ask for help to get linux native guitar processing software to run, and you, didn't have anything to contribute to that, then told, "No, that is the wrong way, go, use wine and guitar rig."

Agreed. There are at least two apps that can cover a guitar/bass player's needs pretty well. One of them is Guitarix, known by virtually every member of this forum, and the other one is already mentioned in this topic, too. They also can be used in conjunction. I don't want to insult anybody (and if I did, I would've done it already), but Jack doesn't really make sense here. A switch to another ecosystem implies learning new instruments, be it desirable or not.
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