Kontakt Player 6 ?

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Re: Kontakt Player 6 ?

Postby glowrak guy » Sat Dec 14, 2019 2:05 am

I made a new .wine folder for Native Instruments products.
With double the disk space needed. Once things were working,
I also installed plugins that have midi-outs, that can put the new sounds through
all kinds of gymnastics, and which have never been trouble: SynthMaster,
Synthmaster One, Kirnu Cream, Drumburst, and BlueArp.

I can switch back to other .wine folders as needed, by renaming.
I back up the good .wines, as well as the wine-staging and other
debian packages, so I can reinstall easily. I've installed Kontakt and Reaktor
on wine-staging 4.20 in Mint 18, and in Bodhi linux V5.0 with staging V4.21,
so my guess is that going forward, it will be much easier overall.

Native Access installation might or might not need the mfc140, mfc42,
and mfc42u over-rides, and is an oft-changing app, itself,
which I have little faith in, but it sure is nice to keep track of things,
when it's working.

so once things are working for you, I would experiment on a duplicate
secondary install, before updating things your music relies on now.
Let win 10 users fix what ain't broke :wink:


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