[closed] invalid ELF header

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[closed] invalid ELF header

Postby krussedull » Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:40 pm

I get a lot of

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invalid ELF header
errors when trying to run certain vst's (converted to .so with linvst) in BitWig 3.
Serum, Predator 2, DUNE 3..

Searched around and tried a lot of stuff (enable/disable d2d1, etc)

Anyone got some clues on this one?

Thanks :)

Update: I debugged and tried to fix this for ages. In the end I "timeshifted" the whole system back to zero and reinstalled wine etc all over again and now things are working again. Though I didn't try installing/messing with the plugins that got me into this mess in the first time (Serum). Who needs'em anyway. "Closing" this post..

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