Carla + Fedora = no love?

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Re: Carla + Fedora = no love?

Postby ubuntuuser » Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:17 am

jonetsu wrote:
ubuntuuser wrote: I think Melda should be ok now (LinVst 2.65) as I managed to come up with a better workaround for what it's doing.

Also LinVst needs to be updated to LinVst 2.65 for kernel 5.2 and higher because of a bug, otherwise LinVst segfaults.

Thanks. I might give it a try. I "might" because I tend to work in 'industrial mode' eg. if it works, don't change it, and it works fine at the moment.


You can have the LinVst 2.65 version working alongside the version you are using, because I changed the name of lin-vst-server to lin-vst-servertrack.

That means that your version lin-vst-server and the LinVst 2.65 lin-vst-servertrack are seperate things and the from your version will use your lin-vst-server and the from LinVst 2.65 will use lin-vst-servertrack.

So, if you temporarily replace (and save) one of the Melda renamed .so files (say with the new LinVst 2.65 file (and rename it to ) then that Melda plugin will use LinVst 2.65 (lin-vst-servertrack).

If that Melda plugin doesn't work (with LinVst 2.65) then just put back the old .so file (old file).

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