Room / OH volume controls?

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Room / OH volume controls?

Postby JamesPeters » Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:20 am

(Edit) I'm simplifying this suggestion, for clarification.

Consider a drum kit which has all instrument (kit piece) multichannel WAV files with overhead and room channels specified in the "instrument" XML files, and those channels all feed into overhead and room buses (common output channels from DrumGizmo). It's nice to have the overhead and room bus channel outputs (the way it currently is) since you can adjust the levels of overhead and room separate from the proximity mic channels. However if an instrument (kit piece) has a difference in volume to the overhead or room channels compared to the other kit pieces, or if you want one particular kit piece to have more promient overhead or room sounds (such as snare, to make it "bigger" sounding), currently the only ways to deal with that are:

1) edit the samples with different levels for the overhead and room channels,

2) make separate overhead and room output buses for different "sets" of kit pieces (snare, toms, cymbals), or

3) make separate kits for DrumGizmo for each "set" of kit pieces (a snare kit, a tom kit, a cymbal kit) and use multiple instances of DrumGizmo.

Option 1 is a hassle, editing a bunch of samples for the sake of changing their individual channel levels. Option 2 is ok but it requires more output channels from DrumGizmo (and in the case of a fully-featured drum kit with lots of kit pieces, probably more than 16 channels). Option 3 is less than ideal since it would be better to use a single instance of DrumGizmo if possible.

What I am suggesting--if feasible--is that if a "overhead" or "room" bus is specified in the instrument XML files (or any other channels which will have sounds from various instruments/kit pieces mixed by DrumGizmo automatically): to have level controls for each instrument/kit piece for their overhead and room buses. Think of it as individual overhead or room "send level" controls such as in other drum instrument plugins (ones which use samples for room and overhead and not just a reverb plugin). I've noticed this in some well-known drum plugins, and it's quite handy.

I realize this might require an entire extra tab of DrumGizmo (or a redesign of it). So I don't expect this to happen. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Room / OH volume controls?

Postby chaot4 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:33 pm

Actually, we are thinking how to have more powerful instrument controls since a while and especially, we are thinking about adding a new tab to control these settings. Unfortunately, before we can do that, there is an architectural issue in DG that we have to resolve first. Apart from that, your suggestion is on our plan (maybe in a slightly different form, but anyway...).

As always, it is difficult to give any estimate about when this could happen, as this is largely controlled by how much time we find for DG. But yeah, it would be nice! :)

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Re: Room / OH volume controls?

Postby funkmuscle » Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:32 pm

You guys can read my mind because I just open up my phone to send a message about this. .

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