Yoshimi 1.7.0 extras

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Yoshimi 1.7.0 extras

Postby folderol » Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:08 pm

For those unfamiliar with Yoshimi, where the new extension to the controls really comes into its own is combined with MIDI-learn and automation. Bear in mind that any incoming CC, can be linked to multiple actual controls, and by different amounts and/or opposite directions. They can also still be passed on for their normal operation or can be blocked for that channel.

You can have up to 200 learned lines so there are plenty to play with - the most I've ever tried was about 80.

For example you might have several AddSynth voices in one part with very different waveforms (you can have up to 8 voices) and effects. Learning a mixture of voice panning, volume, harmonic slider levels, filtering and LFOs can give you a truly surreal moving stereo sound :shock:

I've only just started to scratch the surface myself!

Something that may look like a bug but isn't is that if you learn an AddSynth volume control you will find that if you sweep it down to zero while holding a note, then sweep up again it doesn't come back! This is because we actually switch off the processing if the level is zero to reduce demand when we use the voice as a modulator, but don't want the voice itself sounding. The solution for MIDI learn, is to set the 'Min' to 1 (or greater).

There is a similar situation with some of the pan controls where the lowest setting isn't extreme left, but random. Again after learning set 'Min' to 1 or more.

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