[DrumGizmo] Mix instruments

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[DrumGizmo] Mix instruments

Postby Glocke » Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:32 pm

Hey there,

is there a way to mix different instruments within DrumGizmo drumkits? Like picking the snare (and all related samples including room mics etc.) from the one kit, pick the kick (and all related samples) etc. to form a new, custom kit? (Assuming not mixing different sample rates of course^^)

I haven't tested yet - did anyone?

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Re: [DrumGizmo] Mix instruments

Postby finotti » Sat Nov 16, 2019 3:28 pm

I'm pretty sure you can. Inspect the folder structure and xml files, and you will probably see how to do it.

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Re: [DrumGizmo] Mix instruments

Postby JamesPeters » Sat Nov 16, 2019 7:46 pm

You definitely can, although how "compatible" they are (in the sense of being a kit which functions the same in all regards, or if it sounds right when you combine the kit pieces) depends on how the kits were recorded.

Some kits are recorded with bleed channels, some aren't. Some kits are recorded with overhead and room channels, some might only have overhead or room (or neither). The volume of some samples or channels might be louder than those from other kits, and the sound of the room/overhead might contrast too much with the sounds of those channels from another kit (if the drumkits were recorded in different rooms). You can overcome some of these aspects reasonably well (editing samples to change volumes, reorganizing channels as necessary), but other aspects (lack of bleed/overhead/room channels, different sounding room/overhead) might not work out for the kit you're trying to build.

I have some kits that I'll be releasing soon after some more work is done to get them "balanced". Part of that is what I just mentioned. The kit pieces were recorded as a few "kits" by one person, all in the same drum room as far as I can tell (with the same number of channels for proximity/room/overhead); so, that makes things relatively easy to make variant kits which have a mix of drums from each kit. However they were recorded at different times with somewhat different volume levels, so there are some really noticeable differences in channel volume from one kit piece to another. For instance one kick drum is really loud in the room/overhead channels, and the other is really loud in the proximity mics but quieter in the room/overhead channels. Making kits which include both those kicks (or variant kits which just substitute one kick for another) means balancing these things first, otherwise the sound of the kit seems quite wrong when swapping a kit piece.

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Re: [DrumGizmo] Mix instruments

Postby AlexTheBassist » Sun Nov 17, 2019 8:00 pm

Glocke wrote:is there a way to mix different instruments within DrumGizmo drumkits? Like picking the snare…

This will lead to a total mess, because different kits are recorded under different conditions, you'll run into phasing issues amazingly fast.
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