Calf Instruments in MusE3

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Calf Instruments in MusE3

Postby AndrewB53 » Tue Nov 12, 2019 12:48 pm

I have just installed MusE3 on a Debian system with KXStudio repositories but I cannot see the Calf Instrument plug-ins when adding a synth. On a similar Linux Mint system the instruments are visible. Has any one else had this issue?

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Re: Calf Instruments in MusE3

Postby spamatica » Thu Dec 19, 2019 11:20 pm

Was a while since this question so maybe not relevant any longer. A tip is to try the MusE specific sub forum.

Anyway, if the synths are really installed I would check the search paths in the configuration so MusE really looks where the synths are installed.
If they are default installed it's probably /usr/lib/lv2.
Also make sure MusE really has LV2 compiled in, if it was self compiled and there were libraries missing it can have built muse without LV2 support.
muse3 -h
in a terminal should list options for LV2 if it is built in.

Muse can also be started with -D to print more debug in the console. Then it should be apparent what plugins MusE has found.

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