vocal booth design for domestic use?

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vocal booth design for domestic use?

Postby juhana » Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:12 am

Youtube has videos on building own vocal booth for domestic use. Many builds to small closet, or builds a small vocal booth. Then someone says small booth is bad and it is better to use large room covered with acoustic panels, like in pro music studios guess. Funniest used sleeping blanket to cover his head and microphone.

Could acoustic professionals design cheap and effective vocal booth for domestic use? If I understood we have people who knows what is what in room acoustics and in surround sound.

We want a vocal booth which dampens both the sound going to neighbor apartments and the acoustic reflections.

Cheapest and more convenient would be to have a small stand enclosed with acoustics curtains in a larger room. Not shower curtains but the same idea; sleeping blankets maybe. No close hard wall reflections as in a small box. Dampens the sound going to neighbor apartments if enough blankets. Hard reflections from the large room are dampened. Ceiling and floor sides must be covered too.

Vocal booth have been used in domestic for vocals, voice acting, voice reading, and game voices (i'm familiar with skyrim mods).

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Re: vocal booth design for domestic use?

Postby glowrak guy » Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:26 am

See if you can find rigid insulation panels locally. 2" thick or more.
You can assemble desired size/shape by making 'stand-offs'

bolt -->washer-->thru panel -->washer-->flat-nut

into bracket/angle-bracket-->washer-->wingnut

Two of these setups per panel. Make roof and base panels,
by glueing a 2" smaller panel on ones sized for the base and lid.

Cut vents, low and high, for natural circulation, use lightweight LED flashlights
on hangers for lighting, add blanketing if more deadening is needed.
Lightweight, portable/storable, no power tools needed. Add a thin layer of plywood
on the floor for protection, if your songstress sings best wearing high heels :wink:

You'll use hinges on one panel, maybe glue some velcro strips on the 'door'
panel to keep it closed when recording.

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Re: vocal booth design for domestic use?

Postby jonetsu » Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:28 am

juhana wrote:Youtube has videos on building own vocal booth for domestic use.

What's wrong with the bathroom ?

(just joking, nothing to see, please go by :)

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