My experience with linux audio so far

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Re: My experience with linux audio so far

Postby raboof » Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:45 pm

mac wrote:All the software are working fine untill they crash randomly and very frequently: at some point qtractor or ardour just disappear ... it seems there's no way to reproduce the condition of the crash , I can be touching a knob or clicking on a midi note... It's just spectacular

Interesting. When you start the applications from a terminal, do they output anything interesting there when they crash?

mac wrote:Now this is my question: does using a special distro like kxstudio garanty a less crashing environment?

Not really - special distro's do a good job of having more recent stuff and more suitable (default) configurations, but once you're troubleshooting, there's not too much difference IMHO...

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