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Forum Posting Guidelines

Postby nathan » Tue May 27, 2008 9:21 pm

1) Be kind, courteous, and respectful in your posts. No trolling, flaming, or personal attacks...even during heated discussion. One cool thing about forums it that they're not completely real time. If you're mad, chill out a bit, then post. Keep in mind we are newbie a friendly community! Gently steer newbies the right direction, and leave discipline for repeat offenses to the moderators and admin. Absolutely no "RTFM" posts, although politely pointing the user to the relevant documentation is of course highly appreciated.

2) Keep it safe for work. No profanity in subject titles, please, and no excessive profanity in posts. Definitely no pornography, sexually explicit material, or hate posts. These will not be tolerated.

3) Search the forums before you post. While we are a newbie-friendly community, everyone is expected to do a quick search before they post a question, just to keep duplicate posts down.

4) When you do post, use descriptive subject titles. That will help people find your post and help you faster!

5) Respect Copyright. Be very aware of how works you post (audio, scores whatever) are licensed. It goes without saying that violation of licenses won't be tolerated.

6) Don't quote whole posts in your replies. Just keep to the relevant portions, please.

7) Have a great time discussing music and Linux!

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