QTractor routing problems

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QTractor routing problems

Postby ClaesBl » Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:37 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm new to QTractor but not to sequencer programs. My problem is I'm a musician and not a technician.
My goal is to make songs by blending midi and audio together and exporting them as one audio file.. save to
a usb memory and load them into my Roland drum module.

My setup at the moment is QTractor and a midi keyboard.

Everything is working great so far except the following...

* I can't edit any controller message from QTractor such as pan, volume etc
* Midi Master out isn't working

Every illuminating answer is appreciated but if possible a step by step guide would be great.
I do realize the problem is on my end and not the program.

Thank you for a great forum.


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