open every thing let light in a freedom ring

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Keith Miller
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open every thing let light in a freedom ring

Postby Keith Miller » Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:11 am

Thank you all I have found my way to you thru mutch trial and trib. I use a Metric Halo Uln8 on an old woodcrest mac pro with OSX 10.5. So I found my way to Harrison Mix buss as it was supported on my old osx. Now only to discover that I had found the end all solution for me. I am trading away all my other software with the usb keys and on line dependant structures. Mix buss sounds mutch better. So my next goal is to buy a pcie aes ebu 16 channel card for linux drivers to employ my Mix.B. software on an other PC. In that invironment I can use 64 bit and midi. All in a secure non hacked DAW that is owned not rented or leased. I will never have to put the machines on line and I will for the very first time have a secure invironment for a customer. As of late my pc has been hacked two times in two months and I fear passing on a virus to a customer. This is a real treat to me my name and my money. I have only seen the problem get worse. In the next few weeks if you all could help me with your ideas I will be listening. God Bless Open Every thing Keith P Miller Akron Ohio

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