3 podcast episodes about Jack & Pipewire, digital audio basics and the tuning wars (!)

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3 podcast episodes about Jack & Pipewire, digital audio basics and the tuning wars (!)

Postby Fmajor7add9 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:26 pm

I've been hogging hours of podcasts daily for years - here's 3 recommendations from the vault:

LINUX Unplugged Episode 272: Prepare for Pipewire
'....lead developer of PipeWire Wim Taymans joins us to discuss Linux’s multimedia past, and its exciting future'
and they do a thorough Jack talkthrough based on their studio setup and share setup scripts

Techstuff Classic: The Dirt on Digital Audio
'How is audio recorded digitally? In this first episode on a series about mp3 and digital audio, Jonathan breaks down how we convert sound into 0s and 1s.'

Player doesn't work in my browser, here's the direct mp3 link

From Between the Liner Notes' episode on The Tuning Wars.
"Back in the day, all the A-list philosophers and scientists argued over the best method for tuning a musical instrument...
...In 2003, Stuart Isacoff published a book about those scuffles. The book focused on the history of one particular tuning system called Equal Temperament and how it emerged from the tuning-wars more popular than ever.
In a weird twist of historical irony, when Stuart Isacoff published his book about Equal Temperament he found himself caught in the middle of a tuning scuffle of his own."

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