What kind of musician am I?

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Re: What kind of musician am I?

Postby nickture » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:56 pm

Eh, you're being too hard on yourself! In my eyes, to be a musician is to use any means to get an idea across. I've dabbled in jazz, folk, pure synth-based OST type stuff, and I don't plan on "sticking" to one particular style. Don't feel as though you must limit yourself to one idiom over another; if you have something to say, you can be free to use any stylistic approach you want.

Be free, my friend.

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Re: What kind of musician am I?

Postby Digital Larry » Tue Nov 12, 2019 5:58 am

Similar situation, but not just about music. I don't really want to learn anything new style wise. I would like to record some things and finish some things off. Last weekend I actually wrote lyrics for an entire song in about half an hour, which never happens. But that's the way it's supposed to happen. What I'm trying to do is to drop some of the things I mess with some time. Like those old tube amp restoration projects. But I still do stupid things like try to compile SooperLooper on the Pi. It's too easy in this day and age to have too many things to distract one's self. It's also easier to start things than to finish them. So that's my excuse as to why it happens so much. Finishing things is more like work.

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