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TIDAL Masters

Postby thebutant » Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:33 pm

Anyone else here using Tidal Hifi as their source for music?
It's one of those things giving me joy every day, it's a streaming service providing cd quality, a giant music library streaming flac files.
Basically a Spotify with good sound quality.

But of course there is a question of GNU/Linux compatibilty.
Luckily, the hifi streaming does work when running the webplayer in Chrome, so my solution has been to install Chrome, make Tidal my start page and use Chrome really just for streaming music (turns out the joy of lossless streaming is bigger for me than the sadness of installing google stuff on my GNU/Linux computer).

And about a year ago Tidal started something quite interesting: Tidal Masters. This is included in the Hifi subscription, and provides high-res streaming. 96khz/24bit, for instance. You can stream lots of albums in their master resolution. Great, right?
More info here: https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000397069-TIDAL-MASTERS

And now comes for real the question of GNU/Linux compatibility:
While Tidal Hifi works in Chrome, Tidal Masters only works in the Tidal desktop app. Which of course is Windows/Mac only. So I tried installing it running the .exe installer through Wine, on several systems (Debian, Mint, Solus), several versions of Wine with several different settings, and I cannot make it run. So my dream of streaming high-res music has not yet been fulfilled. :(

The question is, of course:
Has anyone else here been struggling with the same thing?
And has anyone had any results better than mine?

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