How long do you need to finish a song?

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Re: How long do you need to finish a song?

Postby TygerTung » Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:19 pm

Maybe 20 hours? It takes a wee while to do all the mixing as I just do it during smoko breaks at work, and I am just usually learning how to record and work different software. I've only recorded a few songs so far. I hope to get faster as I get more experienced. I am fortunate to not be a perfectionist, so I am happy for it to be "rough enough". Mixing and editing takes the longest I think.

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Re: How long do you need to finish a song?

Postby jonetsu » Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:48 pm

Define 'finish'.

At one point in time I dropped the notion of a 'finished' song. And in retrospect I find it's good for the song itself as it can be expressed in different ways. It so happens that at one point in time tracks are recorded, worked on, mixed and mastered. The intent and feeling at that time during those processes belong to a certain situation. The same song can be expressed in subtle or major different ways at some other time.

So many possibilities exists. It's almost like a fractal expression. A tiny mod here and there can have many repercussions down the line. At every moment decisions are taken that have repercussions.

I think a piece is 'finished' when its first jest was laid down. Many will not agree because at that stage a song is hardly palatable for listeners. But the rest is all about cosmetics, I find.

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