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Grot Boxes

Postby lilith » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:30 pm

I wonder who is using so called "Grot Boxes" like the Avantones and what's your opinion about these. Are they necessary or is a good pair of monitors sufficient?

I think one should distinguish here between real grot boxes like very cheap computer speakers and speakers with good resolution and linearity but limited frequency range like the Avantones & Auratones which are typically used mono, i.e. one speaker only. Sometimes I read that the Fostex 6301 or Yamaha MS 101 can also be used. Completely unsure about the Yamaha as there's very little info about this speaker. The advantage of such speakers is, that you can check if the bass is not lost in the midrange. Really wonder that there are not more actve mono speakers around.

I don't see the advantage of using very cheap PC speakers as they usually sound really bad and are not linear at all.

I have the feeling that the money is better invested in a good bluetooth speaker that can be connected via an aux port. The Tribit
xSound seems to be quite good and it also has a good linearity. Problematic is maybe that such speakers use a lot of DSP to limit the bass at higher volumes.

Any opinions?
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