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Site News - Thanks, Plans, Delays

Postby nathan » Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:40 am

Hi all! First off, I just want to say thanks to everybody for participating, posting, and generally being awesome. This site is really growing and becoming more and more useful!

We've got some really cool plans on the horizon, including a wiki implementation, a "planet" style news aggregator (which raboof is already working on) and more. Be on the lookout for an official mission statement and rules, too. Hopefully you've already a seen a drastic reduction in the amount of spam as well (thanks to MattKingUSA for all the help in that area!).

Please bear with me for another week or two...I'm going to be getting this stuff set up as soon as I possibly can (in fact I really wanted to get the wiki up this weekend) but some personal issues have come up that are going to be taking me out of town this week. I'll really need to be working hard for classes and work so I that I can leave, so I won't be on the site much.

I justed wanted to let everybody know that I am indeed working on stuff around here! Keep posting...

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