List of free/libre music trackers for GNU/Linux

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List of free/libre music trackers for GNU/Linux

Postby Basslint » Thu Jan 09, 2020 7:53 pm

Let's try to make a list with all free/libre music trackers we know, so that they can be easily found. Please contribute :D

Milkytracker - Inspired by FastTracker 2 (GPLv3)
Schism Tracker - Inspired by Impulse Tracker (GPLv2)
chibitracker - Inspired by Impulse Tracker (GPLv2)
snibbetracker - Simple tracker (MIT)
TIATracker - Make Atari VCS 2600 music from GNU/Linux (GPLv2)
pt2-clone - Inspired by ProTracker 2 (BSD-3 clause)
hivelytracker - Inspired by AHX (BSD-3 clause)
BambooTracker - For the YM2608/OPNA chip (GPLv2)
GoatTracker 2 - Make C64 music from GNU/Linux, used reSID (GPLv2)

Kunquat - Supports notation for performance (CC0)
Bintracker - Front-end for an audio programming language called MDAL (BSD-3 clause)
zytrax - Supports VST2 plugins via VeSTige (MIT)
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